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I first created this website simply to share and give back a little to the community that has fed my interests for so long. My goal now is to keep learning and to pass it on. I want to help dispell fears of the outdoors via education and careful yet broad strides towards living with, not just in, our environment.


Computer nerd

I'm a self identified computer Nerd, having graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. I worked for Google and then Meteor. My interests in tech range from robotics, AI, and operating systems to category, complexity, and type theory to HAM radio and truly mobile outdoor computing.

Ultralighter, Trail trash, Bushcrafter, and stone ager

I like a lot of ways to be in the woods. Everything from just bumming in a campsite and eating and crafting with some friends, to saving people's lives. Bushcraft and survival to ultralight through hiking.