Primitive and modern outdoor skills

First Post!



Smalladventures is experimenting with a blog. We found that we
haven't been posting much new content to the website, so I (mbrewer)
thought it might be useful to create a blog and try that instead.

We have a LOT of lessons learned from the Appalachian trail that
haven't made it onto smalladventures yet, and I appolagise for that.
We've learned tons about how to backpack, and in particular about how
little it takes to have a good time, and what a wide variety of styles
work well for people.

Also we've been experimenting with making neat things, just starting
to explore bike touring, learning to sail, etc.

This is just a first post to test out the system, but hopefully we've
got a lot of content coming soon.

- mbrewer (KB1PMC)