Primitive and modern outdoor skills

Survival: Fire danger


Fire is an amazing tool. In my opinion it's what separated us from other Animals.

As a bushcraft enthusiast and survivalist I feel like I understand fire and the risks of fire. I feel like I know how to use it safely. Well, so did this person:

I came across this shelter this summer. Earlier that day I had chatted with a firefighter who was heading to this site to check that it had cooled down. He'd had to fight it two weeks prior. This survivalist went out with almost nothing and built themselves a shelter. They had a little fire going in front of the shelter and the fire got out of control. They burned several acres and my understanding is that they got evacuated I don't know in what condition.

I've never had a problem, and I'm going to keep using fire. I'll probably even keep thinking I know better than other people and won't screw up... but I intend to make very sure that I'm right.