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Blog Migration


I've finally moved the SmallAdventures blog off of blogger to a simpler self-hosted blogging platform. All old links *should* still work, but there may be a hiccup here or there.

If you're curious about details check out my computersarehard blog .

As to why: there are a number of reasons. I first started looking because I was unhappy with how google blogger has treated sex positive bloggers. More recently I've made a bit of an effort just to stop using this sort of fundamentally ad-driven "free" service that is in fact payed for by handing all of your information over to a corporation. I have nothing specific against Google (in fact I worked there for 5 years), but the way data is being gathered and stored in single locations, ready for the taking by whoever can hack in to it or get legal access, makes ne nervous. Lastly of course, this simply gives me more control of my website.

Hopefully you like the new look.