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Appalachian Trail Gear Weights.


I realized today that I'd never posted this. It's just a spreadsheet with the weight of every item I was carrying when I got off of the Appalachian trail in Massachusetts, after 1500 miles from Georgia.

Sometimes it can be very educational to look at another person's gear list and compare your weights to theirs. Often you'll find that a different set of items is heavy (or even carried), thus comparing can help you realize gear you don't need (and they don't need :P), and what gear it's possible to replace with lighter stuff - if you so desire.
End of AT weights

Note that this is just what I happened to end up with at the end. I had actually stopped trying to keep my pack weight WAY down by this point (note that I was carrying a large steal handled hatchet that I found :P). I'm in no way saying this gear is what you *should* have, or any such thing.

As a side-note, I carried gear that I believed was sufficient for the entire trail, modulo replacement due to wear (including the white mountains and Maine). So the weights of a few items may be surprising for the southern end of the AT, especially to summer ultra-lighters.

In any case, I thought other's might like to see it. Enjoy!