Primitive and modern outdoor skills

What now


The WFR course is over. I've quit my job. I'm free now. So then comes the question... what now?

I spent tuesday just trying to get sorted. After hanging and chatting with Ryan I drove a bit down highway 80. I got a few groceries, did laundry, and mailed off the guitar I borrowed from my parents, yay more space in the truck! I found a sweet site right on a stream.


For dinner I had squash and broccoli stir-fry with the remainder of some chocolate milk I had for lunch


I also got a start on tanning one of the deer hides I've been hauling around. It was wet-salted so the first step is to wash the salt off. To do this I left it in the stream overnight.

My intention was to then buck it (soak it in lie), but the bucket I wanted to use isn't large enough, so instead I'm going to try the fermenting method. So instead of soaking it in lie I simply sealed it in the bucket, we'll see how well that work.

On wednesday, while exploring for a site farther off the road I found a OHV park off 80... Cool! I can't just let a place like that go unexplored, so I took a little 4-wheel trip.


Neat area, I was very glad my truck is lifted and has oversized tires. I chickened out before making it to the lake - checking a map later I realized I was probably less than a quarter mile from the lake... oops!
Exploring onwards I found a spot nestled down off an exit labelled "yuba gap". Lots of private land around it, but there's one little dirt road that's public. Driving down there I found a pretty okay spot. I say pretty okay only because the spot has been used by a lot of not-so-cleanly people. I spent the rest of the day napping :P.


Yesterday I went on a nice long hike. I saw an osprey pair and their nest. They had a chick that was flying but hadn't yet left... I stayed long enough to get some photos but they were pretty purturbed by my presence. I also saw a neat snake, not sure what it was.

IMG_20130530_145736.jpg IMG_20130530_145728.jpg IMG_20130530_143853.jpg IMG_20130530_114822.jpg IMG_20130530_102022.jpg
While I was out I found some soaproot. There was lots of it so I decided to try eating some. It has saponins in it that are extremely drying and act well... soapy. Those same saponins are also supposedly a neurotoxin, but it can be broken down by simply baking the root for a long time. Next time I'll do it in the outer shell, I didn't think of it at the time. Still the inside was quite good. I roasted it for maybe an hour inside my cast aluminum pot on a hot fire. The great thing is those saponins break down into sugars, so the end result is surprisingly sweet. It reminded me of clove candy actually

IMG_20130530_185148.jpg IMG_20130530_184541.jpg
Today I'm being lame and boring, I made a list yesterday of things I needed to do and I had a lot of town stuff - still trying to get this all figured out. I need a new sleepingpad (I popped the thermarest I've had since I was 12 by driving to high altitude with it inflated). I need to wash some gasoline out of a couple items (never carry gasoline inside a vehicle, lesson learned). I wanted to write this post, etc. My plans for this weekend fell through, so I've got a week until my next scheduled event. This'll be interesting :).