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Archery in Golden Gate


I finally got around to checking out the archery range in golden gate park last night. We've been going up to a place near Lafayette (mentioned in previous posts).

Working from home I realized in the evening that I was done with work, and that, without the time to get from work to home, I had enough time to go out and do something while it was still light out!

Well, a little while later I managed to leave the house, heading for the north-westerly corner of golden-gate (rather far from the mission).  I had a bow attacked to my backpack, arrows sticking out the top, and some water in the backpack and on my bike.

Somehow every time I try and go to golden-gate I mess up, this time was worse than normal though, I ended up almost to the presidio (quite a ways north of golden-gate park). Well, after much wandering I eventually found the archery range as dark was setting. The range is simple, just a few targets lined up varying distances in a big field.

(Image from the above link)

A sign there describes the rules that basically amount to "shoot at the targets" - simple enough. There was an older man there as well, firing wooden arrows with a compound bow from maybe... iono, 40 yards? He was so-so, about as good as I am.

Well, we talked for a bit and I shot off maybe 6 flights or so. The hay-bales are kindof falling apart, and there are no targets on them now, so your arrow just disappears and you hear nothing. With dark falling I couldn't make out my arrows either - so it was an interesting experience just firing arrows off at nothing. Interestinly my first couple of shots were some of my best (nice tight little cluster near the center), dispite shooting at a new range, and not knowing the distance.

Anyway, I intend to try and go shooting there a couple of times a week or so. Daylight savings time is coming, so there should be enough time to actually DO this pretty soon. I'm excited :)