Primitive and modern outdoor skills

More pot hanging methods


Here's another interesting cooking method. Really a followup to:
After we rolled the truck I ditched the wooden poles in the snow while trying to get everything back in the truck in below-zero whether after dark so it could be towed off, and we haven't replaced them yet.
But, we had twine and some trees!

This setup uses one main rope strung between two trees (our ropes were two short, so I joined them using carrick bends). Then a third running to another tree and tied to the first with a double-half-hitch (clove-hitch, but on rope). This third rope lets us adjust the position left-right over the fire.

Lastly a rope was tied using a bowline over the first rope, so it could easily be slid along it. Then the pot-hook tied to that rope with the usual taught-line hitch, so you can adjust the height.

It worked so well, when we wanted to make pasta at the same time we just added another pot-hanging rope!