Primitive and modern outdoor skills

In Civilization for a bit


Jess and I are reuinited and visiting civilization for a bit. Right now we're in the Bay Area, but we'll be in Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks. We have some social functions to attend, and now that both of us need to fit in the truck we have a great gear-reorganization that we plan to dive into today.

Our more detailed plans cease about here. We've been discussing trying to find some land within a few hours drive of the bay area to hole up for the winter in a walltent or similar, work on a couple projects, and play with a slightly less nomadic way to live with the land. So, if you have leads on that it'd be awesome if you drop us a line or comment here! We're also certainly open to other outdoor activities like say leading trips, horse logging internships, rescue-related work, etc. We've got a little time before it'd be nice to know where we're headed next.

Jess is still readjusting to concepts like indoor spaces, and hopefully doesn't get TOO used to it :P. She learned a ton of fascinating stuff this summer (I find it fascinating at least) that she wants to share here on the blog. So, hopefully there should be a lot of interesting content on the more primitive end of things coming soon. Topics like tanning hides, making buckskin clothing, dealing with a month of rain with no tarps and little other shelter, wild foods, small towns, group dynamics, etc.