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Ultralight Gear Builders


Today I was looking for an ultralight backpack Jess and I thought was cool, and I had a heck of a time finding the site. It occurred to me that finding the really good ultralight gear manufacturers is HARD. So here's the list Jess and I have built over some time with the help of some friends:

If you're looking for gear we like, don't forget to take a look in our store which contains gear identical to or substantially similar to gear we know and love.

We use sleepingpads from gossamer gear. I had a pack from ULA that I loved (though the owner of ULA changed since then). My bivy is from MLD. Jess' fancy tarp is from zpacks. Jess' sleepingbag (and one of my old ones) is feathered friends. My current quilt is enlightened equipment. I just purchased a vest from western mountaineering based on a backpackinglight review and their general reputation.  The hammock sites mostly come from a friend of mine who's been getting interested in hammocking and has been geeking out on gear.

Look for another post coming soon with more traditional non-ultralight gear :).