Primitive and modern outdoor skills

Just an update


author: mbrewer

First, some blog-related stuff

Jess and I are going to be in different places for a while. We got a bit of feedback that it's not immediatly obvious who posted a given article, so to help people track what's up we'll try and be a bit more obvious about it.

Also, to make it a bit easier to meet up with folks and help people track what I'm up to I've created a public calendar and posted it on my profile: l. You'll probably notice that it's pretty barren until may... that's because posting when I won't be at my apartment (right next to it's address) is dumb when I still have one.

What's up now

Jess is gone to Washington on her own adventure for a while. We'll meet up again in a few months. I'll miss her a ton, but what she's doing is super exciting and I can't wait to learn from her when she gets back.

On my end things are pretty busy right now.
  • We've both basically completed training with CalESAR (just one training left, that I can't make it too). Assuming missing that training is okay we should both soon be certified as type 2 rescuers (meaning we can be out overnight and that sort of thing). We've got a ton to write about the various trainings for this, philosophies of being out, risk handling, etc.
  • I'm going to take a 4 day class in rope rescue called TRR-TL. If I pass I'll get a certification for doing rescues involving cliffs and such. I'll be writing more about that soon hopefully.
  • I'm trying to empty the apartment and garage of everything Jess and I own. We made some good progress before Jess left but there's still quite a ways to go.
  • I started going barefoot basically all of the time, again more coming soon
  • In moving out of the house last night I did my first test-pack of the truck to see if my stuff will fit. I want to write some about what I have.
So articles are likely to be a bit thin for a couple more weeks, but assuming I can get myself to sit down and write, more should definitely be coming!