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Rolled the truck in North Dakota blizzard


I've already posted this to social media, but it never made it to the blog

Here's my facebook post (with more photos):
I rolled the truck, Angie and I are just fine.


Driving through north dakota we hit a blizzard. I was trying to be careful, but ended up spinning out on the ice. Truck hit the edge of the road going fairly slowly, but just barely rolled over in deep snow. The truck ended up upside down.

A Morton County Sheriff stopped just as we were calling for a tow, after we'd checked ourselves for injuries. He was incredibly nice, and had us sit in the back of his cruiser while he got all the information. Eventually he ended up taking us to a bar nearby.
All the tow-trucks were busy, they closed the interstates. The bar-keep called the Sheriff's department again to give us (and another guy who'd stuck his truck in the snow) a ride in to town. Even with everything going on a Sheriff showed up... I felt bad because a tow-truck had only *just* given us a real ETA and was on the way. The sheriff was super nice about it. We got back to town with the truck in tow at something like 11:30 at night.

So, the truck is now in a shop, and we're in a hotelroom. The hotel we were in last night was booked, so we ended up walking across town in the snow... Interesting times.
So... we never made it to the protests. On the other hand, we did get some interesting stories. The Sheriff who helped us out said he got death threats related to the protests. He and others said they really didn't care about the pipeline overall though. Some in the bar were much more opposed.
Anyway... we're fine. Waiting to get the truck looked at by the insurance company

since then:
Well... temps here have varied from around 5F to -15F below not including. We've been walking around town, hanging out in coffee shops, and eating restaurant food. No word yet on whether the truck is totaled.

Being us we're well outfitted. Fur hats, gortex overmitts, thinsulate lined mittens, wool liner gloves, down coats, multiple layers of pants, scarfs... etc. We haven't even been using all our layers:

So, we're fine... The truck looks to be in repairable shape one way or another. The doors are still perfectly aligned with the body, so that means the main pillars are fine. The roof is just caved in. This implies that it's probably just sheet-metal that's damaged. The cap is cracked a bit, but the roof rack looks salv agable. Almost none of our stuff was damaged.

Hopefully the insurance company will want to repair it... if not I may be posting about how to register a salvage title vehicle in MA :P. The legal mumbo jumbo is pretty confusing, but we shall see!

Looking up, and taking a train home for Christmas.