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Renting in Vermont


We've found an amazing place to rent in Vermont.

The idea is to rent somewhere, get to know folks, understand the area, and get some pieces of our lives going before we buy. We intend to get started with remote tech work, on getting involved with Search and Rescue locally, and that sort of thing, while we do a more idle hunt for land.

We'll be renting a room on a dairy farm from a couple of fine folks who are starting up a cheesemaking business. They've got beautiful Jersey cows, goats, and some sheep, angora goats, and the largest cutest fluffiest sheepdogs I've ever seen. I believe they are english sheepdogs. Jess and I have been calling them dog-sheep.

Lots of details to work out as to how daily life will flow, but it looks like we'll be able to do our own work, spend a little time helping them on the farm, and spend a little time gardening. Jess is interviewing for fulltime tech positions, so she'll be pretty busy. I'm planning to look for part-time so I can put a bit more of my focus on the other things.

We'll be moving in next weekend, and we're super excited. We'll see what adventures await.