Primitive and modern outdoor skills

I'm not dead yet!


Author: Jess Mink

This summer has been way more intense than I was expecting.  I'm still in Washington working on a crazy stone age backpacking trip .  The idea is we spend most of the summer preparing and then go out into the woods for three weeks with only stone age equipment and wild food.  I'm currently frantically sewing the last of my clothing, trying to get straps onto my pack and making bags to hold all the food I've collected over the summer.  Well, almost.  I'm currently in Seattle for a friend's wedding, but I do have a moccasin on my lap.  It's been a lot more work and time than I expected to build all the gear and I have a lot more respect for the things I use on a day to day basis now.  Especially blankets.

It's been fun though and a bunch of pictures of the first half of the summer have been posted here .

Hopefully I'll be disappearing into a true internet black hole in the next week or two for the actual backpacking trip part of this crazy adventure and then, maybe, will have time to write all the blog posts I have queued up in my head.  Sorry for the radio silence.

Oh, and here's a movie about what I'm doing.